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Boost Revenue

Product Bundles

Increase revenue and average order value by selling different products together. Offer 2 or more related items together. You can offer a financial incentive to your customers or you can simply bundle

Volume Discounts

Offer tiered pricing that motivates customers to buy more of the same product. Set up different discounts for different products and different quantity tiers. Discounts will be applied on the checkout


Allow customers to pre-order products that are out of stock currently.
Convert More

Countdown Timer

A beautiful countdown timer for your discounted products, that works right out of the box.

Sticky Add to Cart

Help your customers by keeping the add to cart always visible on the screen.

Animated Add to Cart

It's easy to draw attention to your <em>Add to Cart</em> button with a fine animation. Make it bounce for a fraction of second, just enough for this call to action to stand out so that your customers

Related Products

Show complementary products bought by other people at the end of every product page.

Facebook Multiple Pixels

Unleash the full power of Facebook Advertising by segmenting your audience, even if you run a general store.

Recently Viewed

Allow your visitors to easily access the products they've recently viewed.

Shipping Information

Display shipping time and price based on the user's location.

Stock Urgency

Create a sense of urgency when inventory is low.
Capture Leads

Smart Bar

A really smart bar that displays your messages, promotions, subscriptions and more.

Wheel Of Fortune

Capture leads and offer discount codes with this interactive game.
Improve Experience

Quick Access Links

This app adds an Admin bar on top of your site, which allows you to quickly access the most important sections of your Shopify Admin. You will only see this bar on your store when you are also logged

Facebook Messenger Chat

Provide live, instant and personalized customer support with Facebook messenger live chat. You will need to connect a Facebook page to use this plugin.

Social Media Buttons

Promote your social media channels to increase your following.

Instant Search

Help your customers instantly find the products they are looking for.

Currency Converter

Provides automatic currency conversion in real-time based on the user's location.


Add ALT tags to your images, to rank higher in Google Image Search.

Description Tabs

Optimize your product page by grouping various product details in clearly visible tabs.

All-in-one Chat

Help your customers get in touch with you via chat. Add links to any messaging app such as Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger, as well as contact data for customers that want to reach out via SMS, phoneca
Build Trust

Trust Seals and Badges

Badges that help your shop stand out and easily gain customers trust.

Recent Sales

Social Proof. What's better for impulse buying than seeing other people actively buying?

Payment Logos

Logos for various payment methods supported by your shop.

Product Reviews

Display product reviews from users. Easily import AliExpress reviews if you're dropshipping.

Instagram Feed

Display a gallery of your Instagram photos on your store.
Reduce Abandonment

Hide Dynamic Checkout Buttons

Hide the dynamic checkout buttons such as PayPal and Apple Pay, which helps create a smooth checkout flow.

Change Cart Favicon

Once products are added to cart, your site's favicon (the small icon in the browser, near the page title) will animate to make the tab more visible. The number of items in the cart will be displayed o

Page Title on Inactive Tab

When a visitor moves to another tab, this module will change your store's tab title to a message of your choosing.

Cart Reserved

Create urgency by mentioning that the products are reserved only for a limited time after being added to cart.
Protect Your Store

Hide Best Selling

Competitors are spying on your store right now. Time to make them stop.

Cookies Bar

Helps complying with EU regulations about cookies. You need to inform your visitors, in a visible way, that you use cookies to track site activity.

Copy Protection

A suite of protection features, like hiding your bestsellers and disabling copy of text and images.
Fine-tune Details

Back to Top button

When you scroll down, a small button shows up guiding you back to top.

External Links in New Tabs

Make sure your customers don't leave the store when clicking around.

Agree to Terms and Conditions

Need a clear approval of your terms and conditions? Make sure you get it.

Skip Cart

Takes users straight to the checkout page, skipping the cart page. You don't need to enable this app if your theme already has "Buy now" buttons built in on the product pages.

Geo-Location Redirect

Rediret users to the appropriate store based on their location.

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