I haven't received a quick answer to my support request, what can I do?

We answer all requests within 1 business day, usually much quicker, especially if you are contacting us during our customer support schedule Mon-Fri, 8AM-4PM GMT. In Q1 2020 we'll beĀ rolling over 24/7 customer support, meaning that all your questions should receive an answer within 1 hour - and this is if we don't start offering live chat by then :)

Until then, if more than 1 business day passed and you haven't heard from us, it's probably because our emails went to your Spam / Junk folder. That's unfortunate and we're working hard to prevent this, however it helps checking the Spam folder as well. If we're in there, it's easy to make sure you'll start receiving them in your inbox:

  • mark themĀ as not spam
  • mark them as important
  • add us to your contacts list

Here are some screenshots from the world's greatest email client, that will guide you in the process: