How does caching work? Why the app may not be displayed?

How we handle caching:

1. Every time you change a setting or activate/deactivate the app, a new script is generated containing all your settings.
2. This script is sent to Cloudflare servers and cached there. When a customer visits your site, the script will be downloaded to their browser from the closest location to them.
3. After the script first loads in a customer's browser, it's cached there for 30 minutes. If the customer visits your store again after 30 minutes, a new script is downloaded from Cloudflare's servers. 

If you've just changed a setting:

1. You need to force refresh or clear cache on your devices to test-drive Product Bundles with the new settings (details below).
2. Sometimes it's better to press CTRL+SHIFT+R or the combination showed below for a few consecutive times
3. The caching is deactivated for the first 24 hours since the app is installed, to make it easier for the merchant to test-drive the app on desktop as well as mobile devices. After these 24 hours, caching will be deactivated for the same purpose only on the merchant's browser (where he/she is logged in to Shopify admin) for accessibility purposes. To see how incredible fast the app loads for the first or the second time, open an incognito tab.
4. As a new version of the script was uploaded to Cloudflare's servers, every new customer will receive this new version.
5. All customers that visited the store before will be automatically served the new version in up to 30 minutes.


For desktops, a "force refresh" should be sufficient to clear the current browser tab cache. This is usually achieved by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + R (on Windows) or CMD + SHIFT + R (on MacOS). For detailed instructions on how to clear cache on your browser of choice on all devices, check the instructions provided here: