How is the additional revenue calculated?

Beyond dramatically improving page speed (don't forget to check out the case study) and doing wonders for the overall conversion rate, VITALS improves the average order value (and, ultimately, revenue) in a direct way, currently through Product Bundles and Volume Discounts, and soon via other apps we are developing, such as Facebook Remarketing and Facebook Messenger Remarketing.

The additional revenue is calculated as follows: 

1. For Product Bundles, the most expensive product will be considered sold by the store, and all the other products in the bundle (usually just 1) will be considered as upsold by VITALS.

2. For Volume Discounts, the first item will be considered as sold by the store, and all the other items will be considered as upsold by VITALS.

We will be adding other upsell apps as well, and each of them will have a clear additional revenue calculation policy displayed in the app. For the other apps, there is no revenue calculated.

Any sales that are not increased by VITALS are not calculated here. If sales are increased by VITALS and you are close to reach your plan limit, you will be notified in advance and asked to upgrade to the bigger plan.

If you do not want to upgrade to a higher plan, you can disable only these apps and keep the others from VITALS. This will also happen automatically once the plan limit is reached, but only after we have notified you in advance.